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Terms Of Use

By navigating this website, viewing any of the content contained herein, or uploading any content, data or information hereto, you are deemed to have fully and unconditionally accepted and agreed to the following terms and conditions of use, without exception, as the same may be modified from time-to-time by Wear it First, LLC (the "Company"), without notice, in its sole and absolute discretion.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of the media and content contained on this website is protected by copyright and shall remain the sole intellectual property of the Company, its affiliates and/or licensors, as applicable. You are expressly prohibited from copying, reproducing, adapting, distributing, or disseminating in any manner any of the media or content contained on this website without the express written consent of the Company. By posting or uploading any content to this website, you represent and warrant to the Company that such content is not protected by any applicable intellectual property laws or otherwise hereby unconditionally license the Company to use, adapt, copy, distribute, and/or disseminate such content in any manner consistent with the purposes of the Company or this website, as the same may be modified from time-to-time, without notice, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.

User Conduct

You acknowledge and agree that your use and viewing of this website is for entertainment purposes only and undertaken by you at your sole risk. The Company does not assume any responsibility for, or make any representations or warranties regarding, and, further, the Company hereby expressly disclaims any representations or warranties of any nature, express or implied, for any content or information displayed on this website, or the fitness, accuracy or completeness thereof for any particular use or purpose whatsoever. However, you agree that any and all information you provide to the Company regarding yourself shall be accurate and true in all respects (see our privacy policy below). Further, you will not use this website to harass, embarrass, stalk, mislead, defraud, injure, slander, libel, insult, or damage any other person, or to knowingly make misrepresentations, or for any other inappropriate or malicious purpose whatsoever. Further, you agree to indemnify the Company, at the Company's request, and to hold the Company harmless from, any and all costs, claims, liabilities, injuries, or damages arising from your misuse of this website. The Company reserves the right to prohibit or discontinue any use of the website, or to remove any content therefrom, that it believes may violate these terms and conditions, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Company.

Third Party Views

The views displayed on this website are the views of its users and other unaffiliated third-parties, and do not necessarily constitute the views of the Company, its officers, partners, shareholders, or affiliates. Third-party links may displayed on the website from time-to-time, and you understand that by clicking on any such links, you are doing so solely at your own risk – the Company does not own, control, regulate, or police in any manner the content contained on any such links.

Privacy Policy

You acknowledge that transmissions over this website and the internet in general may be unsecure; however, the Company agrees that it will not sell, disclose or distribute any of the personal information it obtains from you, except as the Company believes in good faith is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable laws, court orders, subpoenas, or public investigations, or otherwise as may be necessary in the Company's good faith belief to enforce the foregoing terms of use. You acknowledge that certain personal information you provide may be displayed on the website to identify the content uploaded to the website by you. If any such personal information is to be displayed on the website, you will be notified at the time you are requested to provide such information.

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