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Who We Are

Hi, I'm Andrea, creator of Wear It First.

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting our site. The idea for wearitfirst.com was a dream of mine (literally) that I refused to let go. Armed with a Marketing degree from Southern Methodist University and trained in fashion design at The Art Institute of Dallas, I finally had the tools and courage to make my dream a reality.

You see, I love fashion, I love going to parties and all things social, but couldn't help feeling a bit deflated when I'd show up in--what I knew--was a showstopping number, only to find out that my friend (or even worse, frenemy!) was working the same look. I know, I know, uniquely accessorizing and a killer smile can differentiate you from the rest, but still...

My goal for wearitfirst.com is to create a dialogue by providing a forum where ladies (and gents) can create events, log their looks and also foster a sense of camaraderie among women and the excitement we all share for fashion. This way, you won't have to call all your best girlfriends before a party and wail, "What are you wearing?" You can view all the party looks with one click. Talk about multi-tasking.

Why We Made This Site

If you're best pals with a princess who also happens to be a legendary film star and style icon, odds are she will pull rank at some point. Lynn Wyatt discovered this on a lovely summer evening in Monaco when going to the palace for a dinner hosted by her close friend Princess Grace. As she and her husband Oscar approached the receiving line, one of Grace's ladies-in-waiting came running out. "Oh, Mrs. Wyatt! Her Highness is wearing the same outfit!"

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